Free download of the Stylist Workbook "Learn the 4 factors that will show you how to move to the Next Level as a BUSINESS SALON OWNER. 

This Stylist Workbook is about you - thinking critically about your business, your industry and your future.

 I don’t expect you to be an expert at predicting the future, nor do I expect you to have a crystal ball that will provide you with the path you should take today or tomorrow. But I do expect you to think outside of the box! 

Meet Kim Below

Hello, my name is Kim Below, and I'm a hair stylist, salon owner, instructor, and author. I'm an expert hair stylist, and I’ve run my own salon within the cosmetology industry for more than 20 years. My mission is to help all stylists to move from behind the styling chair to becoming a business owner. 


How To Open and Operate a Hair Salon

If you are ready to move forward and become a successful business owner then this is the book for you! How To Open and Operate a Hair Salon is a step by step manual to guide stylists into moving from behind the styling chair and becoming a successful business owner! 

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Join Kim's monthly coaching program

Kim's Monthly Coaching Program 

This is a one on one coaching program for stylist that would like to go beyond the styling chair and become a successful business owner. The program will help uncover your pitfalls and determine exactly what you'll need for guaranteed success! 

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