I'm the founder and owner of Genesis Aroma Therapy, based in Marietta, Georgia. Aromatherapy is an expansion of my ability to provide the very best experiences for my customers.

You are 100 times likely to remember something that you smell than something that you see, touch, or hear.

My mission has always been to enhance the beauty in your life: how you look and feel, and ways to increase prosperity.

I’m delighted to offer the smell of scents with success, peace, and joy for your every room. Come breathe in the candles, oils, and many soothing scents for an even more beautiful life.

Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, I have been running Genesis Hair Design for over 20 years. I am also an expert hair stylist, instructor, continue education provider, and author.

“My continued success can be chalked up to my adaptability and grit. “The challenges I have faced in my professional life have fueled my passion for educating others on the importance of diverse income streams. That’s why I created a great line of journals, planners and coloring books where we have a coloring session every Tuesday for kids.”

Enthused with helping others additionally includes my Kim’s Coaching Program to give hair stylists the tools they need to successfully transition from employee to business owner, as well as the motivational Facebook group Kim's Shop Talk.

Over the years I've written several ebooks, available on Amazon: Kim’s Devotional: giving thanks to God for allowing more opportunities to build my businesses, How To Open and Operate a Hair Salon; A Stylist Workbook; and 21 Days of Social Media.

The Benefits of Scents

Scents from your home should be more than just masking and mixing odors with synthetic plugins or covering every surface with aerosol residue. Genesisaroma aims to change all that. Greet guests with a comforting and inviting aroma and take your decor beyond the traditional and add a multi-sensual experience.
Scents at work. Genesisaroma scents provides a way to break through the auditory and visual overload by using scents to reach emotional level, focus on task, and increase concentration which will strengthen their brand and increase revenues. The benefits of introducing an olfactory design are endless and can be applied to a wide range of businesses assessment.
 Special rooms. Genesisaroma provides scents for every room. We encourage you to try our awesome room spray that will last for days.
Subtle and alluring, scent draws us to an environment before we are even aware of its existence. Take your home décor beyond the traditional and add a multi-sensory experience.

The Scent You Need To Have The Freshness You Deserve!

Scent is more complex than a simple whiff of a fragrance or a lingering trace of a smell. Although smell is the most primal of the senses, it is also very complex. The sense of smell is quiet and silent and never stops, not even when a person sleeps.

Try Our Scents

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